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I am a crazy Christian cosplayer who loves art. Enthusiasm is my greatest strength, and also my greatest weakness.

Preach the Gospel at all times, and if necessary, use words.
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I just watched the movie "Mean Girls" for the second time, and I really wanted to do a little commentary on it.

"Mean Girls" is a popular teen comedy about a 16 year old home schooler who ends up getting involved an evil, backstabbing clique known as the Plastics.

One thing that's interesting about this movie is the depiction of the Plastics, as well as their reception in popular culture. The Plastics are truly evil, conniving witches who seek to ruin peoples lives for their own gain. I love how realistically a group of "queen bees and lackeys" are portrayed.

In almost all teen movies, there HAS to be a queen bee with her two evil minions flanking her sides- example, Mandy Moore's character in Princess Diaries. But unlike all the other movies with this character archetype, they effectively portray one of the key aspects of popularity: everyone [who isn't them] hates them, but simultaneously desperately wants to be them. It's a sad reality.

Part of what's interesting about this movie is that how this movie reminds me of my days in elementary school. I won't say I was "bullied" per se, more that I was...left out. They never directly mocked me, but they never wanted me to play either. I hated how popular and shallow they were, but on the same token, I really wanted to be one of their friends. But when they did invite to their parties, I would always end up sitting alone in the corner by myself, bored to death, or playing with the family's dog or something. When we were really little, they made up a game called "Orphanage Lady," where an orphanage lady was trying to catch all the other girls, who were orphans (think like Miss Hanagan in Annie). Essentially, it was tag, except I, the "fat little orphanage lady" was always it. I was never told I was fat, because I was a stick, but to me, it was acting. Unfortunately for me, I was so oblivious, I was just happy to be included in their games that I didn't care that I was always it.

What most made me think about these girls as I watched "Mean Girls" was the scene where Caty realizes that Regina was mocking her when Regina said that she loved Caty's handmade bracelet, but really hated it and thought it was ugly.    It reminded me of a day in around sixth grade when, as I walked across the playground, the group of "popular girls" saunters up. The "Regina" of the group walked up and was like "ooo, I looove your necklace, its so pretty, where did you get it?"
Me: "Um....I made this jewelry creation shop..."
Her (feigning surprise): "OMG you maade this? WOW! Everyone come loook at her cute chocker!"
It's only now that I really realized that they were mocking me. :( And the strangest part, the first time I watched this movie, I was with one of the girls from this "evil little girls" group, now a junior in high school. It's strange...they love this movie, yet they  never saw themselves in it. Why are popular people always so blind to their own condition? Any thoughts, DA?





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Thank you so much for your favorite on [link] I'm so sorry if you have received a similar message before, its taken me a long time to get through to say thank you to everyone, sometimes i lose track >.<. If you have some free time please consider to take a look through the rest of my gallery as well (plenty more cute pictures of baxter!!) If you like some of my work, please consider watching me or checking out my facebook page [link] Feel free to send me the link to your FB as-well, if you have one and I will make sure to return the favor Thank you so much! I really appreciate it <3
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Hello everyone! I'm trying to win a Photoshop contest in order to get a Wacom Intuos5 Touch (Medium), Adobe Photoshop CS, Two-Year Membership to NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals.) All you guys have to do is vote 5 stars on the image that has captain america on it and is called "Impact Avengers". Here is the link. Please vote daily!

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Best wishes from the Rangers! :dance:
mtindoll Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2012
Do you take any requests, by any chance?
HikuiShoujo623 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2012
uh, sure! Never done one before! What are you wanting?

PS. I don't have my own photoshop program yet, so computer projects may be a while in the making.
mtindoll Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2012
Don't worry on how long it takes; I'm a perfectly patient person. Could you draw Suzaku Kururugi and my OC Serena Winters [link] as Knights of the Round? Serena's cloak will be a bluish-violet color and she will wield a long golden sword (Suzaku will have his sword as well). They will be sitting back-to-back with each other (they're not a couple, but best friends), Suzaku on the left and Serena on the right.
HikuiShoujo623 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012
Thanx so much for the commission. I just started drawing them- is it ok if they are standing though?
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TheAmyflamy Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Love your work, its Amy Perez from Facebook im glad u gave me ur deviant art name i really liked ur manga.
HikuiShoujo623 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2012
d'aaawww, thank you! <3
Lehrenna Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi there! It's Ella. ;) I finally got an account!! I'll be watching you! >:) (evil face cause that sounded creepy XD)
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